Developing Leaders in the Workplace

Our goal is to inspire Fellows to excel in the workplace to the glory of God. Jesus became a man to redeem sinners, but he also came to redeem all areas of life – including work. The average American works over 2,800 hours each year. Having a biblical view of work can make the difference between living in a daily, boring grind or a purpose-driven, meaningful life. The goal of work is more than getting a paycheck at the end of a month. It’s about transforming the place God has placed you to be more like the world to come.

All Fellows work three days a week in a paid internship. You will be placed in an entry-level position within your desired industry or area of interest. Throughout the course of the program, you will learn transferable skills and gain a network of contacts.

Our program partners with many businesses in Macon. We offer medical, non-profit, ministry, law, and other internships. We are continually in the process of creating new partnerships with local businesses to offer new internships.

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If your business would like to partner with our program and employee a Fellow, please contact Rachel Pontier.