“I applied to the Fellows Program because, although I had been a believer since high school, I wanted to learn more about the theology behind my beliefs – basically, I wanted to learn why I believed what I believe, and I wanted to learn it from godly men and women in the church. I was also incredibly drawn to Campus Clubs; the thought working with such an amazing ministry was beyond exciting to me. My year as a Fellow far exceeded my expectations (maybe because I didn’t know what to expect?). It was an invaluable year—full of ups and downs—that taught me a tremendous amount of the faithfulness of my God. It’s impossible to know what shaped me more: living with a Godly host family, studying the Bible with men & women in the church, or working so closely with ministries like Campus Clubs and Strong Tower. All of these experiences helped form the worldview through which I see the Lord’s role from His children as agents of redemption in the Kingdom. Now, as a fourth-year medical student, I truly believe that I have been a better medical student – and will be a better doctor – because of all the Lord taught me during my time as a Fellow.”

Hometown: Monroe, Georgia
Alma Mater: University of Georgia

― Katie Calhoun