Developing Leaders in the Church

What does it look like to be a fully committed church member in a local church as an adult? How am I going to continue to grow in my faith outside of a college ministry? We understand that you, as a recent college graduate, have many questions about your future. This program is a nine-month, life-on-life journey to answer those hard questions.

Fellows are immersed into the life of First Presbyterian Church (FPC). Through the program you will get to know all of the FPC staff.  You will learn how to serve others, grow personally, and build relationships in the context of worship and service in the church.

The Macon Fellows Program is blessed to have a stable and thriving church as its foundation. First Presbyterian Church is fully committed to the individual flourishing of each Fellow.

Throughout the Program, Fellows Will:
  • Learn about various topics including:
    • Biblical Theology of Work
    • Metanarrative of Scripture
    • Leadership Training
    • and more…
  • Attend a seminary class through RTS Atlanta
  • Live rent free with a host family from FPC
  • Participate in a small group with church members
  • Volunteer in a ministry area within the church
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship with church member